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Good People For Good Horses

The goal of the ASPCA Right Horse program is to massively increase horse adoption in the United States. The program elevates and advances the work of equine adoption organizations and supporters nationwide while simultaneously building the demand for adoptable horses. As a result, more horses are finding adoptive homes each year, allowing the rescue community to help more at-risk horses.

How does that look in practice? We’re glad you asked.

The first function of the program is to unite equine welfare organizations, advocates, and industry stakeholders around the common goal of increasing adoptions. Through our network of Partners, the ASPCA Right Horse program facilitates non-traditional connections [or alliances] that help more horses get adopted each year. For example, Colorado State University teamed up with three Colorado-based equine rescues to develop a new program where students train and prepare the horses for adoption. The program’s four participating organizations came together through their partnership with the ASPCA Right Horse program and a shared desire to help horses.

The program also works to bring awareness and interest to adoptable horses. Unlike dogs and cats, many people don’t think to adopt a horse when they’re looking for a new equine family member. We’re working to change that! We run national campaigns and work closely with our ASPCA Right Horse Partners to educate the horse-loving public and inspire them to get involved with equine welfare. Adopt a Horse Month is our banner event each May where we cast a  spotlight on adoptable horses across the country and help them find loving homes.

Finally, we work to further advance equine rescues and shelters through education and grant opportunities. Through ASPCA Pro and our Warm-Up Ring, we’re continually developing and sharing best practices for equine-focused shelters and rescues. We award upwards of $1,000,000 in grants annually to our Adoption Partners and Warm-Up Ring groups to build their capacity to help more horses and design systems that allow horses to safely transition between homes.

The ASPCA Right Horse program has a place for everyone. If you’re an advocate who wants to get involved in spreading the word and helping horses, access our toolkit and use your voice to create change. If you represent an equine welfare group or industry organization, we encourage you to reach out and consider becoming a Partner.

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