Barbara + Aida

by | Jan 2019 | Story

Breed Arabian

Age 6

Sex Mare

Color Gray

Height 15.2hh

My dear friend Vera at Love this Horse Equine Rescue called me when she took in a mare. This wasn’t a regular mare, she was an Arabian princess who was not fitting in with a breeding program and was rehomed by her previous owners.

I already had rescued a stallion in 2012 and I was not looking to adopt a second horse. Vera knew that I take extremely good care of my horse, so if I adopted the new mare she would get the same level of care and attention that she was accustomed to.

I met Aida and of course fell immediately in love, she was beautiful, refined and elegant. I adopted her on the first anniversary of my brother’s passing and I believe he wanted me to have her. She transitioned into her new home beautifully, but it took a while to understand that her staff of 20 was now reduced to one. I was the cook cleaner, mother and caretaker. She came around quite fast and loved my daily hugs and conversations.

As time progressed, I noticed that she was getting somewhat round around the edges. Having been unsuccessfully bred previously, which was the reason she was rehomed as she was not a willing participant, I knew I could not perform an ultra sound. A blood test was performed in July 2017 and to everyone’s surprise, she was confirmed in foal. Wow…I was in shock as now it wasn’t one horse I was caring for but more like 3!

The area we live in was evacuated due to fires in Southern California in December, Aida was now ten months pregnant and I prayed she wouldn’t give birth while evacuated as her foaling stalls had burned down. We escaped, she was safe and in late December we returned to the repaired stalls.

Rains came which were devastating in many parts of California and caused me to be 10 minutes late on January 10th, 2018. As I arrived at the ranch for early breakfast, she was laying down which she never did. I called her for her breakfast, she got up and I saw that we were having a baby! She waited for me, she wanted me to be there for her and together we delivered her beautiful baby boy. This was a once in a lifetime experience and for her to trust me and want me there was the highest honor one could ever wish for. I have the best Mama ever. Baby Bunny will soon be one year old. My three horses are my loves and my best friends ever. Nothing can come close. They are with me forever.

What #RightHorse means to me

A horse who understands that I am there for him or her forever, we are a team in whatever we do together.


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