Belle + Wiley

by | Jul 2018 | Story

Breed Quarter Horse

Age 18

Sex Gelding

Color Liver Chestnut

Height 14.3hh

Wiley arrived at the school I work for with another 10 quarter horses from a trail riding company that shut down locally. As we assessed the horses to see if they would fit the needs of our riding program, I realized that Wiley would not. He was not a huge fan of the children (or anyone really). Every time anyone would open his stall door, he would fly to the back of his stall, wide eyed, and was looking for any way out.

I also discovered that he did not tie (we have breakaway halters on all of our horses). He just seemed generally very nervous and when being ridden would go around very quickly and looking very nervous. I told my boss I didn’t think Wiley would be a good fit for the program, but I asked if I could adopt him because I had fallen completely in love. There was just something about him. And I could tell that he had a story, but I could also tell that with a lot of love and patience he would loosen up. And boy was I right!

I think a lot of his behavior at the school had to do with the fact that he had never been in a setting like that. But I also think that we truly are the perfect match. He quickly loosened up and, now, is the calmest horse I have ever known. He whinnies almost every time I drive up and he is so very tolerant of all my picture taking! Although our story isn’t a typical adoption story, I thought I would share because it was when I truly realized that every person has their #RightHorse as well as every horse had their #RightPerson.

What #RightHorse means to me

Not every horse is a good fit for every person. It’s all a big puzzle, trying to find the right fit. Depending on discipline, personality, energy, etc… etc… But when you find your #RightHorse, they also find you. I have seen firsthand so many horses act so differently around different people. The energies need to match for both the horse and rider to be truly happy. When it happens, it’s the most magical, wonderful feeling to be a part of, or even just to see.


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